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Zombie Crush: A Teenage Zomedy In Hindi Download Free In Torrent

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497e39180f The story of 13 year-old Bobby, who wakes from a coma to find the world filled with Zombies - specifically, open-armed walking teen Zombies - with no adults to be seen. In this coming of age, bloody, PG comedy-romance, Bobby teams up with Sara and learns that Zombies are not what he has always imagined them to be. He is now forced to grow up and become a man. Bobby vies for Sara's affections as the two adapt to this new world. Along the way, they discover a comical way to divert the Zombies.
In this coming of age, PG zomedy-romance, Bobby Green, a 13 year-old boy, gets his first case of puppy love when Sarah, an attractive 16 year old girl, wakes him from a coma. To make things worse, he has awakened into a world where adults are nowhere in sight and kids are open-armed walking zombies. Bobby and Sarah are seemingly the only remaining humans and he tries to win her affection as they adapt to this new world; along the way, they learn how to divert the zombies and discover that these zombies aren't what they seem. There are numerous twists and turns which have never been seen before:The half-hour Short ends with something more sinister and more evil than they could ever have imagined.
Zombie Crush is a fun take on the zombie apocalypse. This isn't your run of the mill zombie movie. The movie contains an adorable 4 year-old zombie, which is scarier than any adult zombie. The main actors provide the viewer with a believable performance on how young teenagers would survive in the apocalypse. The writer brings forth a unique twist on the zombie virus. This movie is family friendly even to younger children. The make-up and costuming were unbelievable. Chris Brown and Rachelle Lynn create truly incredible zombies. The director brought the screenplay to life. There are a variety of zombies throughout the film. Poor fast food zombie, my heart goes out to him. He has a continually bad day.
Zombie Crush is a fast-paced teen comedy adventure with a zombie twist.<br/><br/>There are several Laugh Out Loud moments in this film. There are also a few &quot;OMG!&quot; moments but nothing that would really warrant parental supervision. It&#39;s a fun ride. My 14-years old twins love the film.<br/><br/>The performances by all the teens actors are excellent. The zombie makeup &amp; wardrobe are spot on. The big budget special effects were amazing considering this is a small indie film. The downtown Macon, Georgia locations are well-suited to the post-apocalyptic time period. The large number of extras make the film look bigger budget too. <br/><br/>Nothing about this film looks small.

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