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Street Fighter Alpha Tamil Dubbed Movie Torrent

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646f9e108c A dark power threatens to consume famed fighter Ryu, who is visited by a long-lost little brother. Meanwhile, a mad scientist wishes to harness this power for himself.
Shadoloo's leader, Vega (Bison in the English version), sponsors an unpublicized fighting tournament. Shotokan devotees Ryu and Ken revive their rivalry, while foolish former-Shotokan student Dan seeks revenge on Sagat, the man that killed his father. US Army Colonels Guile and Nash (AKA Charlie) attempt to stop Vega's ways, alongside countless other fighters fighting for their personal reasons. Did Ryu find the ultimate challenge? What happened to Nash? And what is the story behind the evil entity known as Gouki (Akuma in the English version)…?
Ok. Being an semi-anime fan for a few years, I once fell upon street fighter 2, as an animated movie it was pretty good. The drawing was top notch, and the plot made sense. Not to mention most of the fights were pretty well done. In this, street fighter zero(alpha?) I found it sucked. The drawing was nowhere near as good as SF2. The plot was crap, I mean, the kid shows up and this amazing hardcore die hard fighter dude just believes he's his little brother? What's with that? The whole dark ha-do(sorry, don't know how to spell) thing is kinda cool, but if this had been pursued as more of a sequal to SF2 using some continuity between them, not to mention better drawing in general, I would be more pleased. I can't say the movie didn't entertain me at all, I still like whatching people get beat up, but I think it lacks some of the more apealing features of most plain old let's kick some tail movies.
Ok, I bought this movie with the intention of sitting down and enjoying my $35++ worth DVD entertainment. I was not completely disappointed, but this story is missing huge parts and is at times very random. Like, the director had a selection of screen shots and gave a scene generator some LSD. I am going to list 5 great points and 5 awful points. GREAT 1) The animation was really cool. I haven&#39;t seen any of the other street fighter flicks, but I have seen much animation and this is better than acceptable. 2) I liked how they attempted to develop the characters somewhat. 3) Ryu and Ken were both likeable. 4) I liked the whole aura Ryu had about him. For example, when he was walking around the mountains or whatever in the beginning and the leaves by his feet seemed to move around him. 5) I liked the whole inner-battle aspect of what Ryu was going through. Although it was over-emotionalized.<br/><br/>AWFUL 1) What&#39;s up with them dissing Ken like he couldn&#39;t fight? I was soooo disappointed when he fought and gave his all and didn&#39;t even dismantle that dude. That was really lame. 2) What&#39;s up with all the cameras focusing on chun li&#39;s breasts, butt, and pubic area? Like, she would be talking and the screen would be fixed on one of the above forementioned areas. Geez. I mean, if you&#39;re going to be sexual in anime don&#39;t be all subliminal and perverse about it. 3) What&#39;s up with the retarded laughing villian scientist? Dragonball Z&#39;s enemies are at least entertaining. This guy was just a laughing emotionless twit. I couldn&#39;t stand it. I had to fast forward through his laughing.<br/><br/>4) Where was half the characters?? 5) Why was there so much bad plot involvement and no fighting?? I wanted some cheering bone snapping action with wicked emotions and fists flying, not some lame wannabe philosophical karate saga.

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