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646f9e108c An attempted burglary of a strip club goes awry when one of the three burglars kills a man who draws a gun. This results in the trio taking the dancers and the customers hostage. Why the robbers don't go ahead and escape when the shooting occurs is beyond the viewer. Then all the hostages escape and hide in the club's refrigerator which sort of indicates the intelligence of the stick-up men. Unfortunately, the cops outside are no more intelligent as they stand around outside wondering what to do as one of the strippers who was released crawls back into an extremely large venting system for a small club and rescues the hostages with the help of an ex-cop held inside the club.
I watched this movie last night having looked at the cast and read the box I did not really expect too much, I was pleasantly surprised ! While this is definitely not anything you have not seen before it was fairly competently handled by the actors and director. There were no particularly outrageous stunts where you would think "no way that could happen" therefore it was all quite acceptable to me as I find a lot of ridiculous action and one guy taking on everyone, quite tedious. I found Shannon Whirry to be extremely attractive while not a good actress she managed to pull of this not to demanding role quite well and was believable as a student working as a stripper about to marry a guy who she has not told about what she works as. The sadness in her face as she looks up at her future father in law after she overhears a conversation between her husband to be and his father was quite touching. David Bradley as the psycho who with two accomplices attempts to rob the strip club as it is expected to be easy money, then finds that things do not always go according to plan. Mr Bradley does quite okay and is acceptable as the psycho and is believable. The one truly bad performance comes from Joe Bucci as the musclebound hero who is a disgraced cop who just happens to be there with his friend. He is a truly bad actor and performs quite poorly delivering his dialogue very flat as if reading from a board. Overall the movie was better than I had expected and I would much rather watch this again than most of Steven Seagals films including Under Siege, and out for Justice plus a lot of Van Dammes films i.e Kickboxer and almost all of Dolph Lundgrens films. So in the action genre it is not bad if you do not want to watch something to taxing and would rather not have to think too much. This is perfectly fine to pass 90 minutes quite pleasantly. 4.5/10
As a fan of Whirry, I watched this on TV (in German !). It was disappointingly routine, aimlessly plotted, with thin characters. It starts like an erotic drama (Shannon's forte) before lurching into a hostage thriller (Bradley's usual setting), thus failing at both. I think Whirry is deserving of a lot better than this hackneyed entry

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